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POINT multi protect

POINT multi protect

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POINT multi protect is a peptide-infused, age-reducing moisturiser with sun protection filters that is suitable for delicate skin or skin affected by environmental stressors. The Multi-protect complex consists of Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8, a biomimetic lipopeptide with an excellent soothing action that helps to prevent early signs of premature ageing. An Anti-Pollution agent contributes to neutralise the negative effects of pollution particles on the skin and Biosaccharide Gum-1 helps to soothe sensitive and reactive skin, providing comfort. Phytosan contributes to counteract the signs of UV-induced premature skin ageing such as the formation of wrinkles. Glycosaminoglycans has a skin smoothing action providing hydration to the skin. POINT multi protect is a unique moisturiser that assists to repair, hydrate and protect the skin while leaving the skin feeling calmed and soothed. Ideal for daytime use, POINT multi protect has a very good skin compatibility.
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– Sunscreen filters.
– Multi-Protect complex.
– Phytosan.
– Glycosaminoglycans and Hyaluronic acid.

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