Dr Yiannis Valilas

dr yiannis

Dr Yiannis’s mastery of facial aesthetics alongside his holistic, heart based approach is grounded in extensive medical training and 20 years of experience in the world of aesthetic medicine.

For him this is where art meets anatomy and the alchemy of self-transformation begins.


In a landscape of quick fixes and over treatments, Dr Yiannis’s one to one approach welcomes individuality and aligns with his belief that our imperfections make uniquely beautiful. The sacred geometry of our flaws are enhanced through his method of incremental tweaks. A longevity journey that holds space for the development of self-love, care and confidence. 

Dr Yiannis is a medicine man and artist of aesthetics. He is deeply invested with a genuine passion to help his patients embrace how they look and change the way they feel about themselves. Committed to constant learning and development in the field of aesthetic medicine, his continuous education and clinical experience has made him a trusted name amongst facial aesthetic practitioners with a loyal client base and following.