Collection: Dr. Age

Dr Age is a breakthrough skin health and skin youth brand for the face and body that uses high-efficacy ingredients to develop products, services and protocols that work.

The vision and realisation of Dr. Age is the result of the combined input of a panel of experts in their respective fields from around the globe. The Dr Age Collective is composed of plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, nutritionists, visionary creatives & more who help shape the fundamentals of beauty, health & lifestyle for the future.

The Dr. Age philosophy is based on The Rule of Thirds, which is how plastic surgeons analyse the face. They aim to micro-manage all skin needs with the precision and efficacy of a plastic surgeon and to approach each goal individually.

Explore the best sellers in the Dr. Age collection · Microlift Face Cream · Microlift Face Serum · 3D Contour Face Serum · Hyaluronic Acid H20 Facial Spray · Post-Treatment Recovery Mask.