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A.G.E. serum

A.G.E. serum

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This hydration-drenching, anti-reducing serum is packed with mainly natural and biotechnology origin ingredients such as Kombucha that visibly helps to reduce the appearance of ageing due to its powerful antiglycation effect contributing to a fresher, brighter, more youthful-looking complexion through enhanced oxygenation. Saccharomyces lysate extract stimulates cell activation by promoting an increase of cell energy while promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Zymomonas ferment extract has a prebiotic action in the skin assisting in the restoration of the skin’s microflora as well as contributing to protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Citrus-derived bioflavonoid enhances microcirculation, assisting the skin to overcome the effects caused by stress, fatigue, cold climate, and lack of sleep providing a glowing and radiant skin effect whilst assist in improving dark circles. The Peptide complex contains a powerful combination of tri- and tetra-peptides that have a smoothing effect on expression lines, improve tone, elasticity, helping to reduce signs of tiredness. Wild olive stem cells activates energy rejuvenation cycles, helping cells to combat the programmed obsolescence of mitochondria and recharges the cell’s internal batteries, resulting in an astonishing anti-wrinkle, firming, and repairing effect. The serum helps to replenish water from outside the skin while retaining water from inside using a 4D Hyaluronic acid complex with a direct improvement in skin elasticity from within.

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– Kombucha.
– Saccharomyces lysate extract.
– Zymomonas ferment extract.
– Citrus-derived bioflavonoid.
– Peptide complex.
– Wild olive stem cells.
– 4D Hyaluronic acid complex.

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